Controlling Mosquitoes the Natural Way in Rochester NY

Mosquitoes are not only a nuisance, but also they can carry diseases that pose a serious health risk to humans and animals. While chemical pesticides are effective at eradicating mosquitoes, they are highly toxic, posing both an environmental and a human health risk.

Mosquito Prevention

Traditional toxic pesticides indiscriminately kill all insects, even beneficial insects such as butterflies and bees. These toxins are, not only harmful if inhaled, but they can also contaminate soils – not good if you are wanting to grow organic wholesome foods in your backyard veggie garden.


Pesticides can also wash off plants and get carried with runoff into freshwater systems, where they can harm fish, or leach through soils to contaminate groundwater and other drinking water sources.

At Carbon Cutters, we recognize that mosquitoes need to be controlled. This why we offer a natural solution that is more healthy and environmentally friendly than the toxic pesticides typically used for the control of mosquitoes, and it is just as effective for eradicating mosquitoes from your yard. To specifically target mosquitoes, it can be applied early morning or early evening when butterflies and bees are less active and mosquitoes are more so. When the beneficial insects become active again the following day, the spray will have dried, leaving a harmless residue that serves as a non-lethal insect repellant, allowing butterflies and bees to continue their good work pollinating plants.

How Our Mosquito System Works

  • We apply our mosquito solution directly to vegetation, killing any mosquitos that come directly into contact with it.
  • The solution leaves a natural sulphur residue on grass and foliage.
  • The sulphur residue prevents mosquito larvae from getting oxygen.
  • The residue also repels any insects that were not killed during the initial application, including gnats, fleas and ticks.

The Benefits of Our Mosquito Solution

  • It deters other mosquitoes from moving into the vicinity from neighboring areas.
  • Our eco-friendly mosquito solution is effective in controlling mosquito larvae at breeding sites.
  • Mosquitos have an advanced sense of smell and are drawn to carbon dioxide, which all animals exhale. Our solution masks the odor so mosquitos can not find you, and will leave you and your pets alone.
  • It keeps your garden and yard free of pesky pests that drive you and your pets crazy for up to 3 weeks.
  • We offer one-time applications — perfect for special occasions— or seasonal plans to ensure your property is kept mosquito-free throughout the mosquito season.

Why Choose Carbon Cutters?

  • We use environmentally friendly, solar-powered tools and equipment
  • Our organic and chemical-free treatments are safe for children and pets
  • You’ll receive personal service of the highest quality from owner Steve Popp
  • Workmanship and skill, ethics and integrity—at competitive prices!

See What Your Neighbors Are Saying About Us:

I hired Carbon Cutters in 2014 for my residential yard in Brighton. With their all-electric equipment, they’re QUIET, NON-POLLUTING, and RELIABLE. And they actually charge less than my previous GAS-GUZZLING, POLLUTING, AND NOISY lawn service. I recommend Carbon Cutters to all my neighbors.
Residential Customer
Steve is professional and a pleasure to talk with. The idea of electric equipment from an environmental and noise reduction perspective made them a great choice. They set up an appointment and the rest went like clockwork. The property looked great and has received many positive comment from members of PVAC and the community at large. I am pleased with their work product and professionalism.
Rick Van Den Berge

Don’t you want greener lawn care for a greener lawn?

In addition to looking its best, your lawn needs to be safe for your family, your pets, local wildlife—and the planet. Carbon Cutters is a carbon-neutral lawn care service committed to caring for your lawn organically and sustainably. We never use synthetic or hazardous chemicals.

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