A Sustainable Approach to Landscaping in Rochester NY

Why Sustainable Landscaping Will Benefit Your Property

For a moment, think about how homeowners and families interact with their properties. Children play in the backyard and dogs run around. Parents cook on the barbecue and lounge in the sun, and neighbors visit for garden parties.

In many ways, lawns, gardens, and the landscapes that surround homes aren’t just decorative. They are areas where homeowners host friends, family members, and pets. Landscaping is a significant extension of the home.  

Now, think about the pesticides and non-native plants that are on the property. Do they benefit the overall health of the property and the people who frequent it?

Likely not. Pesticides, non-native plants, and certain landscaping practices often leave properties less healthy than they were before. Enter sustainable landscaping, a gentler, safer way to take care of residential properties. Here’s what it entails and why it’s important.

What Sustainable Landscaping Is & Why It’s Important

Professional landscapers analyze the natural contours of a property and test the soil. From their assessment, they can determine where they can build bioretention and other ecologically friendly constructions to manage runoff.

They also decide which native plants to grow on the property and these plants help to improve soil health. Instead of relying on toxic chemicals, the landscaping utilizes organic pesticides and other natural pest deterrents.

Why is sustainable landscaping critical for so many properties? It reduces stormwater runoff and restores wildlife habitats. It also helps to sequester carbon, which decreases air pollution. It reduces pesticide toxicity as well, making your property safer for children and animals.

Why Sustainable Landscaping Might Be the Right Choice for You

At Carbon Cutters, we practice sustainable landscaping and run a 100% carbon-neutral business. Our sustainable landscaping services include rain gardens, natural meadows, bioretention, raised garden beds, buffers, butterfly gardens, and rain barrel installation.

We believe that sustainability isn’t simply about water conservation. It’s about protecting your loved ones from harmful pesticides and your property from potentially destructive storm runoff.  If you’re ready to transition to environmentally friendly landscaping, contact us today for a free estimate.

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See What Your Neighbors Are Saying About Us:

Steve is professional and a pleasure to talk with. The idea of electric equipment from an environmental and noise reduction perspective made them a great choice. They set up an appointment and the rest went like clockwork. The property looked great and has received many positive comment from members of PVAC and the community at large. I am pleased with their work product and professionalism.
Rick Van Den Berge
I hired Carbon Cutters in 2014 for my residential yard in Brighton. With their all-electric equipment, they’re QUIET, NON-POLLUTING, and RELIABLE. And they actually charge less than my previous GAS-GUZZLING, POLLUTING, AND NOISY lawn service. I recommend Carbon Cutters to all my neighbors.
Residential Customer

Don’t you want greener lawn care for a greener lawn?

In addition to looking its best, your lawn needs to be safe for your family, your pets, local wildlife—and the planet. Carbon Cutters is a carbon-neutral lawn care service committed to caring for your lawn organically and sustainably. We never use synthetic or hazardous chemicals.

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